Toronto Acupuncture Studio – Community Acupuncture


Needles may not be for everyone, but the newest pricks in town sure are. Toronto Acupuncture Studio has got people coming in droves for their acupuncture treatment. TAS has gained quite the following within the down town core, seeing over 4000 patients in their first year alone. The store’s convenient location and accessible booking system have certainly helped them gain traction amongst Toronto’s acupuncture-loving elite. Located in the heart of the Bloor-Dovercourt area, TAS is making strides as a centre for cheap and effective community acupuncture in Toronto. Their innovative online reservation system makes booking and changing appointments a snap and the comfortable studio atmosphere and professional acupuncturists keep clients coming back. Best of all, TAS’ sliding payment scale, which ask’s that you to pay whatever you can towards your appointment ($15-$35) (with no questions asked), lets you get all your treatments at a fair price.

Check out the Toronto Acupuncture Studio on their website at or give them a call at (647) 700-4644 to book your appointment over the phone.



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