Keep Sushi Fresh Overnight

If you’ve ever eaten day-old sushi then you probably already know that it doesn’t keep well overnight. But did you know that there ARE ways to keep your sushi fresh? Check out these easy tips and keep your leftover sushi fresh.

  • Paper Towel: Take a piece of wet paper towel and wrap the sushi making sure to tuck in all sides. Re-seal the sushi in the container it came in and place in the fridge. This will prevent the rice from hardening, keeping it fresh.
  • Microwave: Not the most conventional method, but a quick minute in the microwave will soften that rock hard rice right up.
  • Plastic Wrap: If you don’t have paper towel handy, plastic wrap is your next best option. Wrap the sushi tightly in some plastic wrap and return it to the container it came in.
  • Eat it!

Did you know: The ‘crab’ in your average piece of sushi is not actually crab, it’s something called meal glue. Look it up.


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