The Healthiest Food Items at Tim Horton’s

The health conscious consumer is driving change in the fast food industry. What we eat and how we are presented food through advertising has never been this fresh, whole, healthy, or local. Nutritional guides for our fast food menus are widely available in-store, online, and are even prominently on display with calorie counts on brightly lit menu’s. Restaurant chains have responded to our desire for healthy and low-calorie food offerings with corporations such as McDonalds, Subway, and Tim Horton’s leading the charge.

But the challenge of eating properly is still up to you.

We may have a better understanding of our health and dietary needs, but the decision to elect a healthy lifestyle and to eat accordingly can be a challenge. What’s worse, is that more often than not, we don’t take advantage of the information at our fingertips.

Tim Horton’s is the perfect example of a company that effectively captures the healthy consumer crowd but whose food items are not necessarily the most nutritional. Determining what menu items are bad for you and the ones that deliver the nutritional value you’re looking for can be quite a demanding task. A visit to Tim Horton’s needs to be meticulously mapped out if you’re following a typical 2000 calorie diet.

By examining the nutritional content of the Tim Horton’s menu, it becomes quite clear, that there are only a few items with which you can safely order a low-fat, low-calorie, and low-sodium item.

Below is a list of some of the healthiest items from various food categories at Tim Horton’s. The next time you visit Timmy’s keep these items in mind if you’re watching what you eat.

*The following is taken directly off of the Tim Horton’s Nutritional Calculator 





Donuts: If you have to fill a craving these are the donuts you should look for.

Cookies: The healthiest of the cookie options…


2 thoughts on “The Healthiest Food Items at Tim Horton’s

  1. catherinecaressa says:

    It’s pretty alarming to see what’s actually inside a lot of the foods offered at fast-food chains, especially items that are marketed as “healthy”. I do think it’s great, however, that we’re able to easily access nutritional information for just about every restaurant and fast-food chain! So good to be conscious about what you’re ordering. Great post!

  2. ethandnl says:

    I absolutely agree! But I know I’m still guilty of not spending the time to really look into the nutritional guides to find out the good and bad. One of the biggest surprises I’ve seen is how much fat/calories/salt was in my go-to sandwich at Subway (the cold cut combo). More than a Big Mac!

    Perhaps the industry should define what ‘healthy’ means in terms of nutritional content per serving – then we’d really know what was what!

    Thanks for the comment!

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