The Least Healthy Items at Subway

Think Fresh, Eat Fresh.

Subway’s world famous slogan has become synonomous with healthy eating. Bigger than Starbucks and KFC combined, Subway has surpassed McDonald’s to become the largest restaurant chain in the world.

The rise of Subway is a true testament to the power of the health conscious consumer. It is proof that our daily consumption habits truly do control the commercial market. Over the last decade, we saw a rise in demand for healthy foods and Subway took full advantage. Only time will tell if the chain can support this trend fiscally in the long term by not falling victim to over expansion (see Krispy Kreme); but one thing is abundantly clear – if enough individuals demand it, the market will respond.

Want proof? Simply walk over to your nearest McDonald’s and look at the menu. Since when can apple slices, cashew chicken salad, oatmeal, and yogurt be ordered along side my Quarter Pounder with Cheese?  This is not the same restaurant that served Pizza Hut and McRib’s from my youth. Not that I’m complaining.

Part of the astounding success of Subway can directly attributed to their aggressive strategic marketing and public relations campaigns to win over the masses. Simple advertising isn’t the caveat it used to be. Today brands seek to develop a lifestyle or movement behind the logo and Subway has managed to do both.

Their popular TV ads have gone viral – with pant buttons popping and hammocks breaking from obese burger eating patrons, and their Commit To Fit brand ambassadors, sponsorship awareness campaigns (think 5 k runs), and utilization of spokesman (namely the Subway Diet king Jared Fogel) have lured the average consumer into the folly of thinking that Subway is the be all and end all of healthy eating. Subway wants you to think that you can do no wrong in the Subway sandwich line.

Subway has fooled us into thinking that they are the best healthy option out there and we fell for it head over heels. While Subway dose in fact carry healthy and nutritional options, there are parts of their menu that simply do not provide the kind of sustenance we were hoping for. In fact, it is pretty damn easy to run up the calorie count if you’re not careful.

Take a look below at highlighted sections of the Subway Nutritional Guide and see which are the worst sandwiches, breads, and sauces at the restaurant. The information may just shock you.

Note: I am not trying to label Subway as an unhealthy brand. I am simply advocating for a better understanding and a sharing of nutritional information for fast foods. If you found the information below to be surprising at all – please share…there is no better resource out there than your peers.

The Worst Sandwiches:

Food Item Calories Cal. From Fat Total Fat Sodium Carbs
6” Chicken Bacon Ranch 570 250 28 1080 47
6” Chipotle Steak w Cheese & Avocado 560 250 28 1170 53
6 “ Pizza Sub 490 220 24 1670 49
6 “ Spicy Italian 480 220 24 1520 46
6 “ Tuna 470 210 24 620 44
6” Big Philly Cheesesteak  500 150 17 1310 51

6g of Fat Subs to Stay Away From:

Food Item Calories Cal. From Fat Total Fat Sodium Carbs
6″ Smokehouse Chicken 380 60 6 950 57
6″ Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki 380 40 4.5 900 59
6 ” Roast Beef 320 40 5 700 45

Breads to Avoid:

Food Item Calories Cal. From Fat Total Fat Sodium Carbs
6″ Monterey Cheddar 240 50 6 360 38
6″ Italian Herbs and Cheese 250 45 5 490 40
6″ Roasted Garlic 230 25 2.5 1260 45


Food Item Calories Cal. From Fat Total Fat Sodium Carbs
Chipotle Southwest 100 90 10 220 1
Mayonnaise 110 110 12 80 0
Zesty Italian (House Sauce) 110 105 12 170 1
Ranch 75 73 8 205 0


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