Cool Things to do with Coca-Cola

Coca-cola is the worlds most popular soft drink, but did you know that you can do more than just drink it? Sure it’s refreshing on a hot summer day, but it turns out that Coke can cure more than just your sugar cravings.

1. Defrost a Wind Shield: Out of anti-freeze? Pour some Coke on the wind shield and you’ll be amazed at the immediate effect.

2. Jellyfish Burn Relief: Turns out urine is not the only way to sooth the burning sensation from a jellyfish sting. A little bit of Coke will have the same effect without the ‘gross’ factor.

3. Home Made Pesticide: Place a few small containers of Coke out in your garden and your crops will grow up pest free. The sugar from the Coke will attract excatly what your trying to get rid of.

4. Get Rid of Skunk Smell: Everyone knows that you can use tomato juice to get rid of the foul smell of skunks from your skin or animal fur. But tomato juice can be hard to wash out. Coke is just as effective, but you’ll need lots of it to get the job done.

5. Clean Your Toilet: The strong acidic base of Coca-Cola makes this a wonderful cleaning agent. Use it anytime you want to get rid of an ugly stain in your toilet.

6. Sooth Your Dogs Sore Paws: A torn paw is a significant cause of discomfort for dogs. Place your dogs paw in a bowl with Coke for 20 minutes and let the soothing power take over.

There you have it – a list of cool things you can do with Coke.

There is a definite utilitarian use here, which should really make you think twice about ingesting anything into your stomach that can act as an anti-freeze and toilet bowl cleaner.


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